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DEL Time: 00:26
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Scrimmages
I would like to see scrimmages be more game realistic.
I.E currently you only pick 5v5 and they play a 20 or 40 minute simulated game with no subs. It gives you very limited insights on performance.
I would like to be able to run a scrimmage to see how my subs work in the following:
*foul trouble
*Fatigue substitution level (3,4,5 sub patterns)
*Made shots as they fatigue
I guess ideally it would be nice to run a real game scrimmage with all game functionality similar to CCEL.
CCEL you can run 'normal teams on both sides' and 'Starters vs. 2nd teamers' Even though the same players can play for opposing teams it gives you a better feel for how they perform in real situations.

Submitted Apr 23 12:21:33 2019 by John Henry
Coaches In Favor of Change: John Henry, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

John Henry: Adding to this for clarity...As stated in the description the scrimmage is just a 5v5 with no subs. At a minimum it would be nice to be able to scrimmage starters vs. starters, and also allow subbing for fatigue based on our settings. In most teams the 2nd team of 5 is significantly under the talent of the top 5, with no subs there is not much to glean from the scrimmage. I would like to test different defenses and also offensive distances for shooting depth. I don't know how hard this would be to program so not critical if a massive change.
Coach Hitch: I like this idea.

Category: Enhancement
Status: Declined (last updated Nov 28 14:40:08 2019 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
I am not entirely clear what is being requested here. The normal game operations are used, just no substitutes. Also, note that in CCEL the usage patterns are not the same as in a real game - the starters are used far more, since the backups are expected to be playing the other way. Finally it is worth noting that in football, offense and defense are played by different individuals, a "starters vs. starters" option in basketball doesn't work.

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