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DEL Time: 19:05
Request For: Pro Baseball
Request Title: DL for Minors
It would be nice to have DL options for Minors as sometimes you get long outages and want to keep the player, but due to rest of other players it is hard to keep them.

Submitted Dec 29 21:35:49 2018 by Douglas Jenson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Douglas Jenson, Loren Smith, Dave Jenson, Coach Jackson, Biff Malibu Dd, Steve Slaughter, John Henry, Frank Hopkins, Joe P M, Richard Robillard
Coaches Opposed to Change: Johnny Gunn

Dave Jenson: Time to get this done, my MEL Twins have 2 players out over 50 games along with 2 others hurt less. Gives me 21 players to work with without having an illegal roster.
John Henry: Sharing an example of why this should be done if possible. I have two starting pitchers in EPBL out for at least two starts each in my High Rookie league. This is my upper level minor league team so neither guy should be cut, nor can I replace them while they heal. My pitching staff is going to get decimated on rest until they come back probably causing a ripple effect to my staff and the games the rest of the minor league season.
Douglas Jenson: In real life, the minors have disabled lists. So it makes sense to have it here.

Category: New Feature
Status: Completed (last updated Nov 28 11:37:28 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
Injured reserve has been added to the minor leagues. Note this is not a system-wide IR total - the number of players at each level (less those in injured reserve) has to meet the roster size requirement (25 baseball/hockey, 22 soccer).

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