Dolphin E-mail Leagues Privacy and Cookie Policy

Due to the nature of the Dolphin E-mail Leagues and Dolphin Simulation Games (DSG), we have to collect certain personal information from you, such as your e-mail address, name, and other data if you register one of the home games. We respect your privacy. All information that we collect is confidential, and will never be disclosed to a third party. Details are described below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. Below is the information collected at DEL, as well as how it is used. Note that, aside from accounts created for the purposes of the online games and PC game registrations, all data stored is the direct result of interactions with the website (payments, web access, posts) and no attempt is made to assemble personal information from them.

  1. Website Access
    Whenever you access a web page or submit a form on this server, the date, time, your IP address, and the page/form accessed are logged by our web server. This does not contain any personal information. We use this information for system security and to improve our website and service. All server logs are stored indefinitely, and cannot be deleted upon request due to being an integral part of the webserver.

  2. Account Information
    If you join an online league, it is mandatory that you provide a name and a valid e-mail address where you can be reached (since that is our only means of contacting you). However, if you wish not to use your regular e-mail address, you may sign up for a free e-mail account at hotmail, yahoo, or another free e-mail source. Likewise while we do suggest you provide a realistic name, it need not be your real name. While your account cannot be deleted, you can modify all stored information via your login screen.

  3. League Activity
    All commands that you send to this site, either by e-mail or the web interfaces, are logged by the CGI programs. The date and time, your IP address, your login information, and the command sent are all recorded. We use this information for system security, as well as for backup in case of lost data. All logs are stored indefinitely, and cannot be deleted upon request due to being transaction records that could be necessary for future customer service questions.

  4. Game Registration
    If you register a game to play on your home computer, your name, address, and e-mail address will be stored. This record serves as proof of purchase and entitles you to unlimited upgrades as long as the product is supported. This information can be deleted upon request, but doing so would remove you from the list of registered users and thus eliminate proof of purchase.

  5. Payment Information
    When payments are sent, whether electronically (via PayPal) or mailed to our P.O. box, records of that payment will be kept. Information stored will include check or money order and name on the payment. No financial information (e.g., bank, account number, or credit card number) is stored. Additionally, whenever your account is charged to pay for season, a permanent record is made. This information is used to track payment histories when there are questions. This information will be maintained indefinitely, and cannot be deleted upon request due to being financial transaction records required for accounting purposes.

  6. Messages and E-mails
    Messages posted on the site, whether in the form of e-mailed press releases or trade blocks, or posts on the forum, will be stored in our logs. E-mails sent to e-mail addresses on this site may be retained indefinitely if required for customer service concerns. This information will be maintained indefinitely, and cannot be deleted upon request due to being parts of larger discussions among users that may not be understood without proper context.

  7. Cookies
    This site uses cookies to store login, session, and language preferences.

DSG makes every attempt to safeguard the privacy of your information. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease, or otherwise disclose any personal information collected at our site. However, should you join a league, your name and e-mail address will be posted on the site so that other coaches can contact you. Very occasionally, an individual will spam one of the leagues' e-mail lists; DSG takes this very seriously and will take action against such an individual.

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