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DEL Time: 02:18
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: Tight Ends in passing game
Better enhancements to TE's route running - they're not getting the ball enough and aren't a threat in the passing game.
CCEL (midseason): top ranked pass catching TE is ranked 389 in nation in receptions.
IFL (just finished season): top TE had 49 catches and #77 in league in receptions.
NFL 2018: 6 of top 40 receptions leaders are TE's, TE's very often #2 or #3 leader in recepts on team

Submitted Dec 30 01:46:54 2018 by Coach Clipboard
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Clipboard, David Berg, Johnny Gunn, Ron BK
Coaches Opposed to Change: Loren Smith

Coach Clipboard: System definitely allows for adjustments to get more TE passing but what about better TE talent. Not enough guys in system that can block 70% as effectively as an OL and be 70% as effective as a WR like a good TE, so not much reason to make them a part of the offense. Also would be good if TE/WR passing ratio and RB/WR passing ratio could go up to 150%. Not all teams would use this but some teams might have an Alvin Kamara type guy or stud TE that would want this for a whole season or individual games
Loren Smith: I agree with Andy, there are current ways to get the TE into the passing game. My three TEs this year have 60 combined targets in about 700 downs plays. It could be higher if I tweaked the game plan to do so. I have a combination of blockers and receivers at the position and feel it is a bit of a trade off between those skills, which mirrors real-life. To get someone who can do it all is a rare commodity and shouldn't happen every season, in my opinion.

Category: Enhancement
Status: Completed (last updated Jan 13 12:41:07 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
Made very slight change to bump up use of TEs in certain situations, so I will note this in the changes log.
The larger request was to generally increase the number of receptions by TEs, which is already a feature in the game. (I have had seasons when my leading receiver was a TE.) Setting "TE Passing" to most will make a TE equally likely (as a WR) to be the primary receiver. In addition, here are a couple of tips for formations and plays:
- Make sure you always use formations including a TE. While my TE is only my 4th leading receiver, he is also only my 4th leading receiver in terms of downs played.
- On plays where the primary receiver is a WR or RB, make sure the TE is running a route instead of blocking.

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