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DEL Time: 02:47
Request For: Pro and College Baseball
Request Title: Player Options
Add a player options tab where you can better control each players baserunning, bunting(sacrifice and for hit), stealing and hit & run.

Submitted Dec 30 07:32:12 2018 by Johnny Gunn
Coaches In Favor of Change: Johnny Gunn, John Henry, Steve Handley, Coach Jackson
Coaches Opposed to Change: Steve Slaughter

Johnny Gunn: For example... Stobbe on 2. Bruno on 1. No outs. Batter: Delgrosso (0.161 BA, 0 HR, 2 RBI, 0.235 OBA) infield drawn in, outfield shifted. Takes High, ball 1. Stobbe and Bruno attempt double steal. Thrown out by Martinez. Stobbe is a 5 speed and Bruno is a 7 while Martinez has a 5 arm. I have stealing on Normal and do not want an average speed player killing the inning by trying to steal 3rd on an average arm. To me this is not normal so maybe I should set stealing to less, but then certain players that I want to steal 2nd will not. I guess in my opinion there's too much attempting to steal 3rd and maybe one of the options for players would be 3rd base stealing. Kind of like player options in basketball you would have tabs for 3rd base stealing/2nd base stealing/sac bunt/bunt for hit/hit and run etc. Where players would be more likely to perform that duty if you checked mark them in that tab. Another example, I have stealing set to less and a 3 speed player tried to steal 2nd base versus a 4 arm. I really don't want my 3 speed player to steal at all unless maybe a 0 or 1 arm, so it would be nice to have more control over that.

Category: New Feature
Status: Duplicate (last updated Feb 3 11:29:11 2019 )
Priority: Rejected
Admin Notes
Baserunning settings are automatically adjusted for player's speed. Any player-by-player customization would only serve to have some players be more aggressive than others are allowed to be. Would you really want player X to attempt a 50-50 steal when player Y will only attempt a steal if he has a 90% chance of success?
There is another change request to add situational types of base running options, which I think is really what is at the heart of this request. See http://www.dolphinsim.com/SCR/SCR0000014

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