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DEL Time: 00:36
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: season top 25 coaches poll
Coaches only polls. Pre season and season. Not much detail here.
Pre season and season coaches only poll.

Submitted Dec 31 12:37:27 2018 by Ron BK
Coaches In Favor of Change: Ron BK, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: Stephen Thompson, Bill Edwards

Category: New Feature
Status: Declined (last updated Nov 28 11:40:29 2019 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
I'll defer to other coaches here. For CCEL the big bowl 12 will come from the top 25, while for CBEL the cut line for the tournament is well beyond the top 25.
Do we really want to expand the current voting from top 15 to top 25? If a majority of folks are just going to rubber stamp the order the teams show up on the ballot, there will be no impact to the actual game.
Given neutral reception to this, the request is being closed.

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