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DEL Time: 04:49
Request For: Pro Football
Request Title: Pro football - number of plays per game
Pro football scoring is low and I noticed that # snaps per game is about 16% less than NFL games (115 vs 133 snaps per game). Sounds small but could make a few games difference over course of season. Would run off a less time between snaps to match real life game # of plays and after the increase in scoring can reassess. I'm sure that would close a good bit of the scoring gap

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Jan 3 17:58:23 2019 )
Priority: Low Priority

Admin Notes
I will need to look into this. Given the NFL changes to keep the clock running between more plays, I'm a little surprised we don't have the reverse problem. Most likely the change would be that teams don't take the play clock down to zero every down.

Submitted Jan 2 12:55:58 2019 by Coach Clipboard
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Clipboard, Xane Cox, Coach Scarn, Johnny Gunn, John Fitzpatrick, Jeff Blevins, AJ Dickens
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

John Fitzpatrick: Perhaps a new offensive setting dictating the pace of your offense. So many offenses in the NFL run short huddles or no huddle now. Some teams get up to the line quick and then spend 20 seconds actually getting into the formation they ultimately run. With a new setting you can run a quick, hurry up type offense, but player stamina would need to be higher to keep effectiveness high.
Johnny Gunn: Yes, it would be nice to get the scoring average up a bit. In the NFL average yards per game is 352.2 and 46.6 points per game. Through 2 games in the CEL only 5 teams are above the above average and points per game is only 34.8.
Coach Scarn: Id rather see an option for pace of play then to speed up all plays.
Jeff Blevins (Mar 1 15:59:09 2023 ): I am thinking this is still an issue. Would love to have an option to run a more hurry-up offense.

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