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DEL Time: 02:41
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: Better Stats on Team Page
The stats on the team page are not very insightful. Instead of total rebounds for instance, could we have rebounds per game or rebounds per 40 min? Field Goal %, etc.

Submitted Jan 3 08:49:23 2019 by Kyle Murphy
Coaches In Favor of Change: Kyle Murphy, Johnny Gunn, Stephen Thompson, Luke McCann
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Stephen Thompson: I think there are different ways this could be done. There could be a toggle on the page that switches between totals and per game? It would also be nice if you could click on the column header and it would sort the stats by that column.
Luke McCann: I am for it, I think it would help coaches, especially new coaches.
Johnny Gunn: I think he means the main team roster page. I usually just go to the sortable list right above for FG%, but there's no rebounds per game/assists per game/steals per game game/blocks per game.

Category: Enhancement
Status: Completed (last updated Jan 5 17:04:10 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
Sortable player lists (linked from roster, draft, free agent, etc. pages) have been enhanced, so that clicking on the column header will sort the players by that stat or ability. Note that additional statistics (e.g., shooting percentage, rebounding rate) are supported in the sortable player lists.

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