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DEL Time: 19:44
Request For: Pro Hockey
Request Title: Conference format change
Not a high priority but I'd like to see the conference and playoff format change to mirror the NHL format. Part of the reason is with so few people playing entire divisions don't have humans. This would help us to get people into the same divisions and have more meaningful games and ideally create more rivalries.

Submitted Jan 3 09:50:32 2019 by Dick Butkus
Coaches In Favor of Change: Dick Butkus, Matthew Reid
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Matthew Reid: Agreed to mirror current NHL division\playoff structure

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Jan 3 17:19:35 2019 )
Priority: Long Term
Admin Notes
I think this will entail two changes:
1. Change the division playoff seeding so that each division is seeded #1-#2-#3-wildcard
2. No re-seeding between rounds
Note also that this requires the hockey leagues to be realigned to two-division conferences first. I will submit a separate change for that.

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