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DEL Time: 06:14
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: Zone/Man Run Plays
On the play screen, coaches could designate how to block.
Man blocking run plays: Similar to how they are called now. Six gaps to choose from, with counters and traps as well. Coaches pick a hole, and the runner hits it. Emphasis on the blockers weight and blocking ability. Higher rate of “stuffed” runs, but higher rate of getting to the secondary if blocks are hit. Better for low intelligence ball carriers.
Zone blocking: Three or four play options. Zone outside and zone inside (right and left) or zone right, zone left, and zone inside. Blocking score determined by playside players. Ball carrier chooses the gap. Emphasis on blocker Intelligence and blocking ability and maybe a bit of speed. Lower chance of being stuffed and also of breaking a 10+ run, but higher chance of gaining between 0-4 yards. Better for high intelligence ball carriers.
(I know that both schemes can break off big runs or be stuffed. Perhaps the success rate could just be based on personnel)
I have some other ideas that tie into line play. I want to break them down into smaller pieces.

Category: New Feature
Status: In Work (last updated Nov 28 18:56:14 2019 )
Priority: Long Term

Admin Notes
will wait for votes and comments from other coaches.

Submitted Jan 3 10:15:07 2019 by Coach Scarn
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Scarn, Coach Clipboard, Jim Caruso, AJ Dickens, Jeff Blevins
Coaches Opposed to Change: Arkimedes Z

Coach Clipboard: Would be a good move. Good balance in the high / moderate level changes versus avoiding changes that are too nitty gritty that can be exploited or require too much work which is what I believe Andy is trying to achieve. Allows more run play options
Coach Scarn: I think it would help lesser talented teams because they could attain specialized players with weaknesses easier than balanced players that could do it all. Maybe it has changed since I coached in Tier 3. I think it would provide some extra depth to the running game. Blocking schemes are a huge part of the game. I hope this idea adds that while keeping simple for the sim.
Arkimedes Z: This may be fine for the pros or tier 1 college, where you can likely tailor your roster a little more. But, at tier 2 or 3 for college, you are not very likely to recruit just one kind of OL or one kind of TB that would optimize either option. Would this just put those teams at a further disadvantage to tier 1? (FYI - I selected Against only because I need to select one or the other, but I am really more neutral.)
Jeff Blevins (Mar 1 16:01:33 2023 ): More options! Love it!

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