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DEL Time: 19:57
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: 1-Gap and 2-Gap Defenses
1-Gap: Higher value to defenderís speed than weight. Increases the chance of TFL and longer gains (6+ or so. Whatever works for balancing.) LBs in charge of gap more likely to face blocker.
2-Gap: Higher value to defenderís weight and intelligence. Reduces chance of TFL and frees LBs up for unblocked tackle attempts.
Administratively, the options could either be as basic as 1-gap/2-gap (where the six gaps need to be accounted for) or designating specific positions for each gap.
(Example: DT takes playside B gap, MLB takes A gap).

Submitted Jan 3 12:07:46 2019 by Michael Scarn
Coaches In Favor of Change: Michael Scarn, Christopher Hero, Jeff Blevins, Xane Cox
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Category: New Feature
Status: In Work (last updated Jan 3 18:01:28 2019 )
Priority: Under Discussion
Admin Notes
I will wait for votes and comments from other coaches.

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