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DEL Time: 00:08
Request For: Pro All Sports
Request Title: Live Draft
Round 1 to be held on Saturday's. It will allow coaches adjust their priorities based on how other teams are drafting. Also, would create more excitement with trades to move up/down in the draft. Unable to make the live draft, coaches could still use the auto selection feature based on their rankings.

Submitted Jan 3 15:18:23 2019 by Christopher Hero
Coaches In Favor of Change: Christopher Hero, Coach Clipboard, Coach Hitch, Adnan Bislimovic, Johnny Gunn, Richard Robillard
Coaches Opposed to Change: John Fitzpatrick, Steve Slaughter, Sanford Chick

Coach Clipboard: Would be awesome. I'm guessing best implementation would be the input method is same ranked list that you have now, just the draft is run in 30 minute increments 1 turn at a time. That way coaches could either submit the ranked list for the whole round and then be hands off if they like the current way or are busy, or they can choose to be hands on and log in shortly before their scheduled pick deadline to get the exact players available they want. For the latter way I'm sure wise coaches would still submit a full round list as a backup in case they get busy. I'm guessing the Bob logic would still be same - does it also generate a ranked list? Should work same whether computer runs the routine all at once and posts results or piece by piece and posts turn by turn results. Logic if you don't submit any players should be same as now - which I believe is a CPU pick. Increased control that's not mandatory is a good thing, plus I know live drafts in fantasy (not a player) are a big thing so I'd guess they'd be in our game too.
John Fitzpatrick: You and I tried this years ago Andy. I recall the biggest hurdles being sim related as it applied to how the draft was/would be handled for Bob teams and teams who did not submit draft lists.
Richard Robillard: I'm open to it. It's definitely a good league building exercise as we get to all "meet" for a day. Not sure how it would work overall.

Category: New Feature
Status: Declined (last updated Nov 28 11:46:39 2019 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
We've done this before and it really didn't work out well. Per Fitzy's note, too difficult given not everyone submitting and issues with Bob-run teams. It would be possible to re-introduce this feature, but would take a ton of work to implement in such a way that fixed the problems we previously had.

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