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DEL Time: 03:03
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: Flexible Formations
When designing formations, provide a drop down menu for each dot in the field that allows it to be played by any member of the offense or defense.
Common examples: TB/TE/FB out wide or in slots. OL at TE. SF at LB. LB at DL.

Submitted Jan 3 17:46:56 2019 by Michael Scarn
Coaches In Favor of Change: Michael Scarn
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Category: New Feature
Status: Rejected (last updated Jan 3 17:56:16 2019 )
Priority: Rejected
Admin Notes
We used to have a system very much like that. It was far too cumbersome to use, and especially far too difficult to come up with effective defenses for anything the other coach may choose to throw at you. Decision was made to simplify to the sorts of formations a defense should be planning to see.

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