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DEL Time: 17:26
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: Bench usage -> replace more, most etc with numerical weights
Would like to replace the "least.. less.. moderate.. more.. most" replaced with numerical weights assigned to the players.
Next to each player we could put a number between 0-100. This would solve a problem of say if you have 3 TB's. If you want the starter to come off the field a lot, this can allow you to control whether that means it's all done by TB2 or if done by TB2 and TB3 splitting the load and by how much.
TB1 50
TB2 30
TB3 20
TB1 50
TB2 50
TB3 0
Do recognize this would be tough because a variable would need to be added for each player plus the accompanying AI would have to be programmed for Bob. However, would allow immense roster management and player development benefits.
A further application of this would be to input multiple bench values for the players and scrap the player situational specialists. Basically merge the features. So basically (columns won't line up so bear with me):
Normal Short Long Hurry Up .. etc
TB1 50 10 30 50
TB2 40 10 70 40
TB3 10 80 0 10
Basically I've set my short/long specialists from 1 place with precise ratios

Submitted Jan 4 14:39:43 2019 by Coach Clipboard
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Clipboard, Arkimedes Z
Coaches Opposed to Change: Johnny Gunn

Coach Clipboard: Yeah if didn’t want to merge this feature situational settings and wanted to keep it simple just could have one setting per player - basically the rotation weight. So when go into the depth chart instead of a global bench setting per position you’d just type a number per player
Johnny Gunn: Coach Clipboard… I just started using the wishbone formation and realized that the #3 TB gets a lot playing time. Seems a bit complicated, I like some of your idea until it gets to situational play calling. How would stamina factor into this?
Arkimedes Z: It would be nice to be able to have more control, especially if (for example) you want to go three deep at TB. But, it would likely lead to a lot of complaints due to the players not hitting the exact percentages. I think each player at a position just having Most, More, Normal, Less, Blowout/Injury only would work while being a little less precise. If you have two TBs at More and one at Less, the two at Most would split most downs and the one at Less will still get a few plays, but still get a little usage.

Category: Enhancement
Status: Declined (last updated Nov 28 11:50:56 2019 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
Seems like it would be a lot of extra work for coaches, relative to the current system. Personally, I would prefer the single setting per position, even though it is imprecise. I'll wait for feedback from others.
Given only two coaches supported this change, I'll close the request given the significant increased work this would create.

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