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DEL Time: 18:36
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: Increase Number of Short Injuries
Suggestion to significantly increase the number of injuries in football, as real-life teams have to rely on their depth far more than DEL teams. Received feedback to focus this increase on 1-2 game injuries.

Submitted Jan 6 10:49:19 2019 by Andy Dolphin
Coaches In Favor of Change: Andy Dolphin, Coach Clipboard
Coaches Opposed to Change: Johnny Gunn, Arkimedes Z, John Henry, Loren Smith, Jim Caruso

Coach Clipboard: Increases the importance of building depth. Right now itís easy to build a top heavy roster and rely on the low injury rate. Believe increasing roster limits to 53 active and 10 practice squad players would be good to accompany the increased injuries.
Jim Caruso: Opposed to this change due to current roster limitations.
Loren Smith: Voting against as a college coach due to reasons noted by John Henry. I could see this being a valid request for pros.
John Henry: I would be against this for college because of roster size. Only top Tier teams have multiple guys for similar talent depth at almost every position. This would be giving them a bigger advantage than they currently have. If rosters could expand in college then this might be more feasible. My vote would change for the Pro game to for since you have a free agent pool to draw from to fill out a gap in depth. Even if talent level drops you still can field a 'full' team of players. The talent would drop off, but if consistent across the league I think this plays out well in the Pro game.
Johnny Gunn: Our rosters are not big enough in either college or pro, NFL rosters are 53 players and I believe college allows 85 scholarship players. This is great for teams like Notre Dame that have depth everywhere but for lower prestige teams this will hurt them badly. Most times especially in Pro you only have 2-3 players deep at any given position minus WR/CB, so I would suggest increasing the roster size or having a practice squad that we can get replacements from. I'm for it if roster size is increased. Another thought, let's say you only have 2 TB's on the roster and one gets hurt you're in serious trouble. Or you have 3 TB's with 1 redshirt and you have to burn the redshirt, yes this happens in real life but they're dealing with bigger roster sizes.
Arkimedes Z: I am mildly against this for many of the same reasons noted by Johnny Gunn, and because I am worried it might go crazy with injuries. A couple more short injuries in a season wouldn't be horrible. But, my concern is that it might turn into having 4 or 5 players out with injury every game. As noted, at lower levels that could be troublesome.

Category: Enhancement
Status: Declined (last updated Nov 28 12:01:34 2019 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
Most coaches opposed, so closing this request.

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