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DEL Time: 03:08
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: Non-conference Scheduling on Mobile
Occasionally it is impossible to confirm non-conference game requests on mobile devices (clicking the button does nothing).

Submitted Jan 6 10:51:20 2019 by Andy Dolphin
Coaches In Favor of Change: Andy Dolphin, Rob Larocque, Robert Redmond FCS, Ron BK
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Rob Larocque: Iíve had this problem ever since Ive had an Iphone or IPAD (and I emailed Andy before). To confirm non con games I have to use my laptop with explorer. Itís very weird, that is the only prob I have with the different operating systems, just confirming games.
Robert Redmond FCS: I've had this problem as well. If/when it pops up again I'll send an email.

Category: Bug Resolution
Status: Completed (last updated Aug 4 08:56:51 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
An error has been fixed in both the non-conference game scheduler (all college leagues) and the 12th game scheduler (CCEL only). At least for the one instance that was reported, I was unable to submit a game on my iPad prior to fixing the error, and was able to submit the same game on my iPad after fixing it. So, I can confirm this error has been fixed, at least for this one instance. If there are additional issues with either scheduler, please let me know.

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