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DEL Time: 18:20
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Basketball End of Game Logic
The game should be tweaked so teams play with more urgency when there are only seconds left. It is far, far too often that a team will have the ball with, say, six seconds to play and not even get a shot off at the end of the game. This happens far more often than in real life.
Another example of lack of urgency from this past CBEL season:
Wake was trailing NC State by 4 points with 0:13 to play. They need to score twice ... they should push the ball up the court, get a shot off, knowing that even if they make it they will have to foul and then make another shot. Instead, Wake was content to put up a meaningless 2pt at the buzzer. Instead of playing for the win, it seems like Wake spent all 13 seconds to ensure that they lost.
I think part of this is that teams should be far more willing to try risky passes. It's better to lose at least *trying* to score than to have the horn sound for a loss with the ball safely in your hands.
Mistakes like we see in the sim do happen in real life and it's ok to see that from time to time, but not with the frequency that we see.

Submitted Jan 7 09:52:40 2019 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, Johnny Gunn, Coach Hitch, Luke McCann
Coaches Opposed to Change: Bill Edwards

Luke McCann: Would like to see the game allow players to be more urgent when down. Maybe even shoot more threes. Also, would be awesome if the players could understand 2 for 1 strategy to end half/game. Essentially, shoot ball before 40 second mark to make sure will get at least one more possession, rather than working the shot clock down and allowing the other team to get the last possession. Though, I am not sure right now the team would hold it for one shot either lol
Bill Edwards: I think there are other areas of the sim that warrant changes or tweaks more than this. The reality is ANYTHING can happen at end of game.
Johnny Gunn: It seems like Pro basketball has a better end of game than college. That being said, I play a lot of different basketball simulations and DEL has the best end of game in my opinion. It may not be perfect, but I think it's pretty close most of the time. I'm thinking it's a nightmare to code...

Category: Bug Resolution
Status: Completed (last updated Nov 30 16:00:12 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
Several improvements to basketball end-of-game logic:
- Existing logic for team with final possession of game has been improved
- Logic for 2-for-1 situations has been added
- Use of long inbound passes has been increased when a team needs to score quickly

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