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DEL Time: 17:17
Request For: College Basketball
Request Title: Reduce Injuries
Injuries have a major impact of a season. Multiple, extended injuries destroy a season. If reducing the number of injuries isn’t ‘true to life’, I request a decrease in the severity of them. A 7 game injury with college players can easily turn into missing 10-12 games. A ‘true’ 5 game injury makes the point.

Submitted Jan 8 20:26:23 2019 by Rob Larocque
Coaches In Favor of Change: Rob Larocque, Johnny Gunn, Biff Malibu Dd, Bill Edwards, Ron BK
Coaches Opposed to Change: Luke McCann

Rob Larocque: Well then why not reduce the max number of injury days to 5 games, to keep coaches like myself who lost 30 man/games to starters in a college season from having a stroke? 😉 Also....are there ‘injury prone’ players built into the sim? Ive had more than a couple players who ‘seem’ like they are.
Luke McCann: I am voting against as I don't have any major issues with injuries. I will say, they probably should be more 1 game injuries, as lots of players will get banged up and miss a game. Then they are the longer injuries which the game seems to incorporate fairly well. Miss maybe 5 games, which is the equivelant of roughly 2 weeks of conference play in real life. Wouldn't be popular, but probably should be MORE season ending injuries, starting from game one. It happens.
Bill Edwards: I have thought this was an area of our game that needed tweaking. Lets try it and see what happens

Category: Enhancement
Status: Completed (last updated Nov 28 12:09:15 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
Basketball injury distributions have been updated. The number of 4-10 (college) and 6-10 (pro) game injuries has been reduced, with a corresponding increase to shorter injuries and very small increase for longer injuries.

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