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DEL Time: 21:56
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: Press Releases
The request is to update the press release text editor to be more readable once sent. Enhance the editor in some way so that sentence and paragraph breaks are correct. If we could have more font options, bolding, color or other normal text functions available that would be even better.
This is not a big request but would make all of our press releases so much easier on the eyes when reading them.

Submitted Jan 12 13:21:47 2019 by John Henry
Coaches In Favor of Change: John Henry, Matthew Reid, Johnny Gunn, Richard Robillard, Sanford Chick, Stephen Thompson
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Matthew Reid: I thought this was just my email reader (Outlook) but perhaps not. The the arbitrary line breaks do make formatting\reading a challenge.
Richard Robillard: I would love to be able to better format my press releases. I know there's likely a bit of a limitation as to what one can add in there (for security and server reasons, among others) but a better readable experience would go a long way.

Category: Enhancement
Status: Completed (last updated Dec 8 13:55:53 2019 )
Priority: Long Term
Admin Notes
The press release and trade block tools have been updated to remove the automatic line breaks that created poor formatting with some e-mail tools. The typewriter font will continue to be used (to facilitate sending player stats and skills), but line breaks will be based solely on the user inputs.
A request to add text formatting (e.g., bold, italic) could not be fulfilled without significant effort, though users can continue to use HTML tags when entering press releases to have them formatted as desired.

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