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DEL Time: 20:17
Request For: Pro All Sports
Request Title: WW Group Maximum to Spend
I would love to see a "Maximum to spend" box to be available for each group. This would eliminate having to make multiple groups for the same players during waiver wire. Plus, you would have way better control on who you are going to sign instead of just hoping that you will sign the right players.

Submitted Jan 15 21:49:10 2019 by Johnny Gunn
Coaches In Favor of Change: Johnny Gunn, John Henry, Steve Slaughter, Coach Jackson, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Coach Hitch: I like this idea. Sometimes I sign two high dollar free agents and over spend.

Category: New Feature
Status: Completed (last updated Dec 8 13:15:44 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
Free agent bids now give an option to specify maximum budget per group (in addition to maximum budget overall). Setting this value to zero will disable this limit (though, the maximum overall budget limit is still enforced).

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