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DEL Time: 20:03
Request For: College Football
Request Title: FCS Leaderboard
I think it would be nice to have a FCS leaderboard. Given FCS players can't be listed in the current leaderboard they should have their own.
Possibly a top 25 for FCS as well. Nothing complex like FBS with the writers/coaches/computer but maybe a simple Top 25 listing.

Submitted Jan 16 20:24:51 2019 by Robert Redmond
Coaches In Favor of Change: Robert Redmond, Arkimedes Z, Biff Malibu, Nate Fowler, Ron BK, Keith Copeland
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Ron BK: I agree Real life
Robert Redmond: This would be a great enhancement of the FCS division.

Category: Enhancement
Status: Completed (last updated Nov 28 13:39:34 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
The CCEL individual leaderboard now has FCS leaders in addition to FBS.

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