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DEL Time: 23:36
Request For: College Basketball
Request Title: Double Bye Tournaments
Would like to see double byes in the bigger conferences that have them in real life: Big Ten, ACC, SEC.

Submitted Mar 7 16:04:48 2019 by Loren Smith
Coaches In Favor of Change: Loren Smith, Stephen Thompson
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Stephen Thompson: I know Andy has been disinclined to do changes like this in the past, but I think this would add a lot of flavor to CBEL. I think it would also be great if conferences could include that the tournament is played at the regular season champ's court versus neutral site. The big argument against this is simple: there are a lot of conferences and their rules change far too often for CBEL to try to keep up with. This is why we don't have conference-specific tie breaker rules as well. But I think this would add a lot of personality to the individual conferences which is lacking right now.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Mar 9 17:16:56 2019 )
Priority: Under Discussion
Admin Notes
The challenge is that DEL currently doesn't have a way of creating a different set of postseason rules for each conference. I will need to look into whether this can be done without a huge amount of effort or not.

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