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DEL Time: 18:39
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: Transfer Portal
With the new transfer rules making it so much easier for players to change schools (and so many more players taking advantage of the new rules this season) it seems like a good idea to incorporate that into DEL.
Every player should have a > 0% chance of transferring ... even starters, but they should be very low. So let's say every player starts with a 0.5% chance of transferring. Those odds would increase if [a] talented and not starting; [b] superior players redshirting; [c] bad season for the team; [d] not on scholarship; [e] former starter now on bench. (These reasons are certainly negotiable ... just putting out a first offer.)
At CBEL Virginia Tech I have two A/A 7' sophomores who are not starting and the starters in front of them are also sophomores. It seem reasonable that 1-2 of these guys would look at transferring in real life.

Submitted Mar 12 11:21:19 2019 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, John Henry, Keith Copeland, Johnny Gunn DD, Jim Caruso, Ron BK, Luke McCann
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Ron BK: Itís a must
Luke McCann: 1. Reduction in Minutes- If a player is getting 20 MPG against cupcakes and then his minutes during conference play is cut back to say 5mpg per game during conference play, he might see the writing on the wall and transfer due to frustration and losing trust in the coach. This could also encourage coaches to play a tougher OOC schedule to keep minutes constant for players, play deeper benches all years, or play shallow benches all year at the risk of injury. The drop-off would have to be dramatic. For example, minutes cut down by 75% over last 10 games compared to previous 10 or 1st 10...something of that nature. 2. Breaking Promises- If a coach promises playing time/starting role (more on that in another post) to a player and he does not get those minutes, it is an automatic transfer. (I made a new suggestion post on how the playing time promise should be changed to "starter promise" or if not changed, that feature should be added). 3. Depth Chart Projection- If a C or better player is a Sophomore or older and at the end of the season he 3rd string (75% transfer) or even 2nd string (25% chance of transfer), he may decide to transfer due to wanting a starting role/bigger role at another school. This would hurt big schools who have over recruited players that never developed to full potential possibly and wants more PT. 4. Low Tier Exposure/Winning- Players who have redshirted at programs that are not on the highest tier who are B or better players, who did not make the tournament last year and are going into senior years, can transfer. Maybe we make the rate 50% roughly. I would estimate this would be maybe 20/40 players per year? Players are constantly transferring due to wanting more exposure from TV appearances, wanting to play in the big dance, wanting to a win a national title, ect. 5. Losing Culture- If a player is a senior rated B or better, is at the highest Tier program and has never had a winning record in conference play during his 1st three years of play, 100% transfer due to frustration of playing for a perennial loser..not matter if he was redshirted or not. If he was not redshirted, he will sit out 1 year and play 1 to finish out his career.
John Henry: As much as I dislike all the movement, specifically in college football, this would mirror real life. Since our injuries are dialed down for Qb's in general, having two A/A seniors would seem to be a good place to see more transfers. I have two on my roster, my backup, who is really talented, got no option to play since I had a PTP on my other guy. Not that I want to lose him, but in RL he would have been gone last season. I also think any 'A' level Junior should be looking to transfer, in the offseason before his senior year, if he is clearly #2/#3 on the depth chart depending on position. This seems like a good add, and if some of these guys are redistributed it should create more parity throughout the league, specifically human coached teams.

Category: New Feature
Status: Duplicate (last updated Nov 29 12:04:35 2019 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
So, this is somewhat duplicate with another request. I'll close this one and add the suggestions to the other.

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