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DEL Time: 02:16
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Ahead/Behind Specialists
We have the ability in basketball to list players as "ahead" or "behind" specialists. Andy has explained in that past that this specialist not only changes the depth chart order, but makes those players preferential shooters in that situation.
I would like to see this changed so that it only affects the depth chart, and I'd like to offer for consideration the idea of the defensive sub.
AHEAD: If I am ahead, I might have a defensive specialist at guard who I want to see on the court when I know my opponent needs to hit three pointers to get back into the game. I have no interest in him putting up a shot at all. He's on the court for his defensive abilities.
BEHIND: If I am behind, I might have a great rebounder in the post who I would like to see play because I know I'll be putting up more 3s so there are likely to be more rebounds to be had. I'm not looking to see this guy putting up a lot of points.
Right now I don't think there is any way I make either of these substitutions without essentially making them situational shooters as well.

Submitted Apr 29 09:25:48 2019 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Category: Bug Resolution
Status: Rejected (last updated Apr 30 19:27:02 2019 )
Priority: Rejected
Admin Notes
I checked the code, and do not see that ahead/behind specialists are into shooting specialists - that flag seems to be used for depth chart setting only. If there is material on the website that states this, please let me know.

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