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DEL Time: 01:27
Request For: Pro Baseball
Request Title: EPBL Added to Del Cup
I believe that EPBL was left out of DEL Cup because player models were done differently to accommodate the full minor league system.
That being said, with participation in baseball's DEL cup having about only 60 teams, is there any possibility to get EPBL included into this for a true best on best tournament?

Submitted May 1 18:17:01 2019 by Matthew Reid
Coaches In Favor of Change: Matthew Reid
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Category: Enhancement
Status: Rejected (last updated May 1 20:27:41 2019 )
Priority: Rejected
Admin Notes
This is not possible. The league data is stored in a different format for EPBL than it is for the other baseball leagues due to the differences in draft and minor leagues. This is different than CCCL, which is basically a normal football league run at a slower pace.

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