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DEL Time: 02:54
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Offseason
Could we please talk really over the too long offseason time.
In my opinion 3 weeks are too much. what do guys think about it ?
2 Weeks should do it. Let's talk about it. Do you feel the same or do you need the full amount of time ? Let's create a new time schedule.
Week Events
1 Mon: season initialized
1 Fri: free agent signings
2 Mon, Tue: draft rounds 1 and 2
2 Wed, Fri: free agent signings
3 Mon, Wed: free agent signings
3 Mon, Tue, Wed: draft rounds 3, 4, 5
3 Fri: training camps
4-10 Mon-Sun: games played (3/day)
11 Mon: games played (3)
11 Tues-Sun: playoff games (2/day)
12 Mon-Sun: playoff games (2/day)
12 Sun: season ends

Submitted May 15 08:05:46 2019 by Adnan Bislimovic
Coaches In Favor of Change: Adnan Bislimovic, Sascha Middendorf, Yavor Markov, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Adnan Bislimovic: At the moment after season initialization the most two important points are the first waiver and the 1.round of the draft. this happens in just one weekend. if teams are missing that part of the offseason I agree this would cripple teams but this time schedule is already in use so we just want to put the week 3 in week 2 because there is nearly no (important) action in week 3. I think we are able to shorten the offseason and put week 3 in week 2 because of two reasons. 1. If a GM has a real-time issue he is able to use the "AutoGM" 2. After "Tcamp" the next waiver is very good to get players for the cripple teams. UPDATE 1: Time is passing by. there is no GM against our poroposal and a lot for it so could we please start to create and finish a new offseason schedule? UPDATE 2: First proposal for a change. "We should delete the 1 WEEK from season ending to season initialization ! Let's start directly from season ending on FRIDAY to season initialization on MONDAY.
Coach Hitch: I agree and would like a shorter off season in all leagues. A reminder has been added already to remind of free agency, etc.
Yavor Markov: Absolutely agree on that one. Dolphin is easily used on mobile, so there is plenty of time to set up any waiver/draft bids etc etc 2 weeks would be great for me

Category: Other
Status: Declined (last updated Nov 28 14:43:45 2019 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
I agree that the offseason feels slow. The reason for the long offseason (both college and pro) is that shortening it would almost certainly result in folks who had some real-life issue pop up not be able to get their free agent bids or recruiting orders submitted. This would cripple those teams.
I will leave this request open for comment but need to be convinced this is a good idea. The "AutoGM" suggestion is scary, given that it would allow Bob to cut players and also sign players you don't want to expensive long-term deals.
I haven't seen convincing rationale for shortening, relative to the concerns.

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