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DEL Time: 01:27
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: Weather impacting the game
I think having weather impact the game is part of football. Snow ,rain, wind. Can make a difference

Submitted Jul 16 13:10:00 2019 by Ron BK
Coaches In Favor of Change: Ron BK
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Category: New Feature
Status: Rejected (last updated Jul 17 10:43:23 2019 )
Priority: Rejected
Admin Notes
This is something we had in the game a long time ago. Fundamentally folks got sick of it, given they don't have the time to game-plan individual games that real-life coaches do. Not only do DEL coaches have real lives, but DEL plays 2-3 games per week instead of the 1/week in real life.

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