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DEL Time: 05:19
Request For: College Basketball
Request Title: 4 day tournament
As in real life - early season tournaments have 8 teams. Day 1-4 tournaments

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Nov 24 19:47:25 2022 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
I'm aware of this request - in fact I asked around about it some time ago. Will put it on the to-do list though may require some work so I can't promise a turn-around time.
One additional comment is that this would reduce the number of preseason tournaments by half. We currently have 58 active CBEL teams, and 47 Tier I. In comparison, there appear to have been 13 coach-scheduled Day 1/2 tournaments and 13 coach-scheduled Day 9/10 ones. Wouldn't moving this to 8-team tournaments halve the number of teams that get to host these? I'm not sure the prospect of half the coaches losing their tournaments and possibly playing a bunch of Tier II/III Bob teams is attractive, even if more realistic.
I will kick this back to "in review" pending further comments but think the downside could be more than the upside.

Submitted Oct 12 12:53:46 2019 by Ron BK
Coaches In Favor of Change: Ron BK, Stephen Thompson, Coach Shers, Ron BK DD, David Smith, Eric O, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Stephen Thompson: YES!
Eric O (Apr 20 12:23:42 2020 ): I'm for it, but if we're trying to imitate real life, well...this is a little more complex though. Most tournaments are more complex than this now. Most of them are 4 or 8 team neutral site tournaments (or even just a one-off neutral game) plus one to three home games for the higher profile team that are officially part of the tournament. Memphis and North Carolina State played in the Barclays Center Classic "tournament" this year. As part of the "tournament", Memphis had preassigned home games against Arkansas Little Rock, Illinois Chicago and Alcorn State, and NCSU had preassigned home games against St. Francis (NY), Alcorn State and Arkansas Little Rock. Arkansas Little Rock also hosted St. Francis and Alcorn State. Alcorn State and St. Francis each hosted a non D-I buy game as part of it. Or take the Maui Invitational - they had the 8 teams go to Hawaii and play the tournament everybody knows about. But this year, these games were also part of it: Southern Utah @ BYU, Delaware State @ Georgia, Charleston Southern @ Dayton, Southern Utah @ UCLA, Charleston Southern @ Mississippi State, East Tennessee State @ Kansas, Delaware State @ Virginia Tech. Then, at ETSU, Southern Utah vs Charleston Southern, Delaware State vs ETSU, then Delaware State vs. the loser of SUU/CSC and ETSU against the winner. If we're going to try to match reality I think we need to scrap the current 4-team tournaments and use days 1-4 for that instead. How is this as something that could work if we're trying to match reality? • Post a list of the tournaments and let the human teams rank a preference order. • Make some of them more prestigious than others - some of them 8-team main tournaments, some 4-team main tournaments. Maybe even have others that are 2-team ones. These tournament games would all be neutral site. • One team max per conference. Make a preference for human bids. Maybe the most prestigious ones require minimum 19 prestige to enter the main bracket or finishing in the top 25 the previous year? • The teams in the main bracket would play home games until the main event, other teams from lower tiers would randomly fill those, then they would play each other during the main bracket, whether preassigned or bracketed. • Maybe a small prestige bump for the winner of a tournament? Like the equivalent of writing an extra PR? • Maybe try to set up a rule that keeps the same teams from repeating year after year? IRL you're only supposed to be in the same tournament once every four years.
Coach Hitch (Jul 25 20:58:42 2020 ): great idea

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