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DEL Time: 03:23
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: Recruiting info
I think this applies to all college - certainly to baseball.
Noticed we just added prestige to the team talent page. I've wished that during the recruiting period that we had some consolidated page where the recruiting points and number of scholarships were displayed on a single page so we could reference that rather than having to individually check team pages when you're trying to plan out signing plans - comparing resources from teams you're competing against to sign players.
Since it's just a new pair of columns/numbers, should be pretty similar to what just got added, but to me more useful information.

Submitted Jan 27 22:52:35 2020 by Brian Pederson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Brian Pederson, John Henry
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Brian Pederson (Jan 28 22:14:47 2020 ): It's not just a matter of points - there's actually a third field also I didn't remember - either how many players are on the roster or how many open roster spots. Especially on days 2 and 3 when you have a block of invites and less resources (especially scholarships) I wind up going to multiple team page to get an understanding of what resources the teams I'm competing against have in order to understand what player(s) I might be most likely to be able sign, and also to determine if it's worth cutting players to open up spots based on how good my odds are. There's usually a group of teams that I'm competing with for players. If all their visits include scholarships, but they only have 1 left, then they can only sign one of however many invites with scholarships that visited there. I play as a tier II team - if you only play as tier I and only focus on day 1 this may not appear as useful. But in about 30 seasons in CMEL I've probably been wishing for this for almost all of them, yet I've probably almost never noted the prestige number when traversing all those team pages looking up the current status. Considering that you just added the prestige values (and had to also do the calculation to get a ranking?), seemed that adding 3 more values to that page would be easy, and be analogous to things on the Pro finance pages like the "amount under" and "to be spent" that you use when determining how much money might be thrown around in WW1 bidding.
John Henry (Jan 31 08:05:12 2020 ): Having just picked up Tier II Hawaii this came into play this season with a ton of scholarships and multiple days of inviting to fill them. It would probably be a ton of work but a new page to complement the 'invite' page under recruiting would do it for me. The data would be: Team, number of open scholarships, number of open roster spots, and number of points left. Bonus would be one page, or additional data on this page listing each teams invites, sorted by team. The current invite page is nice to see where you fell in the invite pecking order but takes a lot of Excel sorting to give you anything you can use for recruiting order strategy.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Mar 13 16:47:55 2020 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
I'm really not sure what this would get you. Recruiting is not simply a question of who bids the most points, and what other teams have offered in terms of playing time and/or scholarships is already there to see. Put differently, if you're planning your bidding around how many points other teams have, I think you're probably wasting your time.
That said, I'll open to comments. It sounds like the best option is to create a new page that is updated at season init and after each inviting / recruiting round that shows teams (sorted highest to lowest prestige), prestige, number of scholarships to give out, and number of points to give out.

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