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DEL Time: 04:38
Request For: Pro Basketball
Request Title: Previous salaries
Would it be possible to add previous salaries to players histories?
It would be nice to see what the player has made in prior years to adjust a free agent bid on that player in off season.

Submitted Jan 28 11:05:59 2020 by Coach Hitch
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Category: New Feature
Status: Declined (last updated Mar 13 16:48:36 2020 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
I generally base my bids on past performance and current abilities, and really don't care what someone made in the past.
I will note this is not currently tracked in the game, so would be some effort to add. Based on lack of other feedback, I will close this request.

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