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DEL Time: 04:50
Request For: Pro and College Football
Request Title: Two Averages
Could the "Avg" columns be split into two?
First one for passing and second one for rushing (same order as the PB / RB attributes).
QB - pass efficiency and ypc
Skill - yards/pass attempt and ypc
OL - pass block % and rush block %
Defense - pass D % and tackling %

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Nov 24 21:29:56 2022 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
QB, Defense - yes.
Skill - I would suggest either yards per attempt and blocking %, or yards per pass and yards per rush.
OL - no.
Thoughts? Specifically does the fact that OL data are not available make this less useful?
- 11/24/22 - still waiting on suggestions to the above options / questions

Submitted Feb 7 19:03:00 2020 by Derek Brown
Coaches In Favor of Change: Derek Brown, Coach Proto, M McCusker, Pythagoras A, Sloan Hamilton, Jeff Blevins, Gregor Ellis
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Derek Brown (Nov 25 14:30:44 2022 ): Andy, makes sense on the OL. Maybe this for the skill: TB/FB/WR - Yds/rush, Yds/reception TE - block % , Yds/reception That may be the best way to do it with 2 averages unless there were 3 for offensive players (if so, QB could add completion %)
Jeff Blevins (Mar 1 15:25:09 2023 ): Yes! Not sure how I missed this. I agree with this... TB/FB/WR - Yds/rush, Yds/reception TE - block % , Yds/reception
Gregor Ellis (Oct 13 19:47:34 2023 ): As a stat head I calc this anyway so it would save time.

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