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DEL Time: 04:35
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: Human coach stats enhancement
Intent here is to make career records more visible and sortable so you can easier see where you rank relative to your peers
1. Add sortable stats to coach list page (the one showing team, name, email).... season and career winning percentage, coach rating, # championships, # championships/ssn.
2. On team roster page beside coach name: # of seasons, career W/L/T record, coach rating, and # championships.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Mar 13 17:09:26 2020 )
Priority: Long Term

Admin Notes
Not a high priority, but a fair thing to add.

Submitted Feb 8 01:40:09 2020 by Coach Clipboard
Coaches In Favor of Change: Coach Clipboard, Stephen Thompson, David Smith, Jason Kidd, Pythagoras A, Steve Slaughter, Richard Robillard, Michael Thayer, Jeff Blevins
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

David Smith (Mar 22 06:53:33 2020 ): I'm for this.
Pythagoras A (Apr 29 08:11:19 2020 ): One thing that I have always thought would be nice would be to be able to search by team on the Search Coach page. It would allow you to see what other coaches may have been at a particular school (college) or team.

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