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DEL Time: 06:37
Request For: College Baseball
Request Title: Update conference Teams
The league needs to be updated with teams in the correct conference. And possibly the tiers. Big ten should be a tier 1 conf. re Tier the conferences !

Category: Enhancement
Status: Completed (last updated Dec 19 00:08:08 2023 )
Priority: Short Term

Admin Notes
Below are the CMEL realignments performed this offseason.
Conference Changes
Atlantic Sun: renamed to ASUN
Big Ten: Tier II -> Tier I
Big West: Tier I -> Tier II
Ivy League: divisions combined
Mid American: divisions combined
Ohio Valley: Tier II -> Tier III
Team Moves
Stony Brook: America East -> Colonial Ath
Connecticut: American Ath -> Big East
Hartford: America East -> Independent
Louisville: American Ath -> Atlantic Coast (Coastal)
Rutgers: American Ath -> Big Ten
Maryland: Atlantic Coast (Coastal) -> Big Ten (Ron BK)
E Tennessee S: ASUN -> Southern
Mercer: ASUN -> Southern
N Kentucky: ASUN > Horizon League
USC Upstate: ASUN -> Big South
Notre Dame: Big East -> Atlantic Coast (Coastal)
Pittsburgh: Big East -> Atlantic Coast (Atlantic)
Cst Carolina: Big South -> Sun Belt
Liberty: Big South -> ASUN
VMI: Big South -> Southern Conference
James Madison: Colonial Athletic -> Sun Belt
East Carolina: Conference USA -> AAC
Marshall: Conference USA -> Sun Belt
Old Dominion: Conference USA -> Sun Belt
S Mississippi: Conference USA -> Sun Belt
Tulane: Conference USA -> AAC
IL Chicago: Horizon League > Missouri Valley
Valparaiso: Horizon League > Missouri Valley
Monmouth: Metro Atlantic Ath -> Colonial Athletic
Coppin St: Mid Eastern -> Northeast (Biff Malibu)
Delaware St: Mid Eastern -> Northeast
MD East Shore: Mid Eastern -> Northeast
Norfolk St: Mid Eastern -> Northeast
Bethune-Ckmn: Mid Eastern -> Southwestern Athletic (East)
Florida AM: Mid Eastern -> Southwestern Athletic (East)
N Carolina AT: Mid Eastern -> Big South
Dallas Baptist: Missouri Valley-> Conference USA
Wichita St: Missouri Valley -> American Ath
Bryant: Northeast -> American East
Mt St Marys: Northeast -> MAAC
Austin Peay: Ohio Valley -> ASUN
Belmont: Ohio Valley -> Missouri Valley
E Kentucky: Ohio Valley -> ASUN
Jacksnvlle St: Ohio Valley -> ASUN
Murray St: Ohio Valley -> Missouri Valley
Appalachn St: Southern Conference -> Sun Belt
Davidson: Southern Conference -> Atlantic Ten
Elon: Southern Conference -> Colonial Athletic
Georgia Sthrn: Southern Conference -> Sun Belt
Abilene Chr: Southland -> Western Athletic
C Arkansas: Southland -> ASUN
Sam Houston: Southland -> Western Athletic
S F Austin: Southland -> Western Athletic
Oral Roberts: Southland -> Summit League
IUP-Ft Wayne: Summit League > Horizon League
AR Little Rck: Sun Belt Conference -> Ohio Valley Conference
TX Arlington: Sun Belt -> Western Athletic Conference
W Kentucky: Sun Belt -> CUSA
CS Bakersfld: Western Athletic -> Big West
N Colorado: Western Athletic -> Summit League
New Jersey Tech: Independent -> American East
Teams Moving Divisions
Alcorn State: SWAC East -> SWAC West
Teams Leaving Division I -> Teams Entering Division I
LaSalle: Atlantic Ten -> UC San Diego: Big West
Buffalo: Mid American -> Queens (Qns): ASUN
NC Central: Mid Eastern -> Tarleton (Tarl): Western Athletic
Savannah St: Mid Eastern -> S Indiana (SIN): Ohio Valley
Furman: Southern ->N Alabama (NAL): ASUN
Chicago St: Western Athletic -> Bellarmine (Bell): ASUN
N Dakota: Western Athletic -> Utah Tech (UTTc): Western Athletic
New York Tech: Independent -> Cal Baptist (CalB): Western Athletic
Other Teams Entering Division I
Merrimack (Merr): Northeast
Stonehill (Stnh): Northeast
Lindenwood (Lnwd): Ohio Valley
St Thomas MN (STMN): Summit League
Name Changes
Hou Baptist (Southland) -> Houston Chr (HouC)
Texas Pan Am (Western Athletic) -> TX Rio Grande (TXRG)
Deleted Conference
Mid Eastern

Submitted Feb 26 20:54:14 2020 by Ron BK
Coaches In Favor of Change: Ron BK, Jason Kidd, Patrick Creaven, Patrick Erickson, Rob Larocque, M Teaf, AJ Dickens, Grady Sizemore, Michael Thayer, Seb Kenyon, Nick Sisco, Dave Jenson, Douglas Jenson, David Rogers, Frank Hopkins, Tim Howe, Jason Stafford, Kevin LaRue, Bob Crigger, M McCusker, Coach Scarn, Coach Loria, Remi Boisvert, David Smith, Biff Malibu
Coaches Opposed to Change: Ryan Amlin II

Jason Kidd (Mar 26 06:47:34 2020 ): I am for this (and in the Big 10) but they are not a Tier 1 baseball conference. Teams and conferences do need to be updated, however.
Patrick Creaven (Jul 1 23:43:16 2023 ): tl;dr - Conferences and teams: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NCAA_Division_I_baseball_programs - Tier 1 Conferences: SEC, ACC, Big Twelve, Pac Twelve, Big Ten. - Tier 2: Sun Belt, Colonial Athletic, Conference USA, American Athletic, Big West, Missouri Valley, Big East, Southern, Southland, Big South, WAC, ASUN, West Coast, Mountain West, and Mid-American. - Tier 3: American East, Ohio Valley, Horizon, Patriot League, Metro Atlantic League, Ivy League, Summit League, Northeastern, Southwest Athletic, Independents.
Rob Larocque (Jul 9 14:32:14 2023 ): Iím in favor of any update/realignment to conference/tiers.
Ron BK (Jul 11 04:53:15 2023 ): I agree with the latest update message
Dave Jenson (Jul 15 07:45:50 2023 ): As a long term coach I am in favor of the change. I appreciate this sim greatly and would like it to be as realistic as possible. I would also benefit from it being in the big 10 at Iowa.
Douglas Jenson (Jul 15 09:26:35 2023 ): I also vote to make this current and more realistic.
David Rogers (Jul 16 10:43:21 2023 ): Lets go!
Kevin LaRue (Aug 8 15:11:27 2023 ): I agree that an update to conferences and schools is needed!
Bob Crigger (Aug 24 18:22:41 2023 ): Agree with updating tiers and conference teams
Remi Boisvert (Aug 29 16:51:15 2023 ): I also agree with updating tiers
Biff Malibu (Sep 6 10:41:33 2023 ): Coach Biff Malibu and coach Biff Malibu Dd also vote for the change too
Ryan Amlin II (Sep 25 19:51:33 2023 ): Like it the way it is.

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