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DEL Time: 06:55
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Non-passing turnovers
In basketball, could we add the 10 second rule, 5-second closely guarded rule, traveling, and goaltending?
These don't necessarily have to be "new" turnovers above what we already have. It could be a small fraction of turnovers when facing full-court press produce 10-second violations. A small fraction of traps result in 5-second closely guarded calls. A small number of drives with a bad pass result in travelling.
For goaltending, which is against the defense, maybe this could be a small percentage of shots that are in the paint which are very well-defended but good.
(I'm trying to think about how to add this into the game without messing up the current balance. Everything here would be very small ... say, 0.1% of current results .. but it's still enough that you see it from time to time. It would add a little of variety of the PbP.)

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Mar 25 16:48:12 2020 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes

Submitted Mar 25 12:15:20 2020 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, Coach Shers, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none
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