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DEL Time: 06:09
Request For: Pro and College Baseball
Request Title: Batter/Pitcher Handedness Sortable
I thought I had submitted this before, but Didn't find it anywhere. Would be advantageous and simpler for Waiver Bids and Free Agent signings if you could sort between Right Left or Switch Handed Batters, as well as Right or Left Handed Pitchers. Everything else on that page is sortable basically but that.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Nov 24 21:31:26 2022 )
Priority: Low Priority

Admin Notes
Is the request to sort by handedness, or to be able to filter on handedness (e.g., only show righties and switch hitters, no lefties)?

Submitted Jul 24 19:12:04 2020 by Steve Slaughter
Coaches In Favor of Change: Steve Slaughter, Coach Brooks, Sanford Chick, Sloan Hamilton, Michael Thayer
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Steve Slaughter (Aug 3 14:39:30 2020 ): Prefer at least filtered results if possible. Honestly both would be optimum.

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