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DEL Time: 06:03
Request For: Pro Baseball
Request Title: Drag and Drop
Add a drag and drop feature to multiple places such as roster order, but more specifically to your draft orders or free agent orders. Currently if you go in and add 60 players to your draft list you would need to click the + or - button every time to move them up or down the list. It sucks when you have to do that 60 times to move the guy at the bottom to the top and then another 59 times because the guy you want second is also at the bottom.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Nov 24 21:34:52 2022 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
I think most coaches use the custom sort features to get the initial list reasonably close to the desired order, but I can look into this if enough folks want it. Personally, my preference is to paste any large list into a spreadsheet, edit as needed, and create the formatted commands from the final list.
At present, the website code does not support drag/drop capabilities so this is impossible. I'll keep this request on ice for now.

Submitted Sep 3 07:56:28 2020 by AJ Dickens
Coaches In Favor of Change: AJ Dickens, Frank Hopkins, Darryll Johnston, Joe P M, Pythagoras A, Brian Pederson
Coaches Opposed to Change: Christopher Hero, Richard Robillard

Christopher Hero (Sep 12 10:45:54 2020 ): I use custom sort and it works wonders especially when moving a lot of guys at once around. Even if the drag and drop is implemented I can still see it being a longer process than the custom sort.
Richard Robillard (Nov 16 15:09:07 2020 ): I do a complicated spreadsheet for my drafts and cut and paste the players numbers directly, so this is not useful to me. However, it may be of use to some coaches, so if it goes through I can live with it.
AJ Dickens (Nov 17 05:03:09 2020 ): Honestly now a days people do a lot of this stuff on their phone and the option of copying from other spreadsheets just isn't an option for everyone. Creating a simple drag and drop feature doesn't effect anyone negatively. If you don't want to use it you don't have to. However for some people, some of which probably don't even look at these requests, it would make things easier and quicker for them to do.
Pythagoras A (Mar 7 19:51:55 2021 ): Drag and Drop would be great. If that isn't easy to implement, then even a +5 or +10 (and -5 or -10) would allow you to move someone up or down the line more quickly. This would be very helpful with the roster order, especially in the offseason. It would also be helpful with the draft. For the draft, I usually do one position at a time, and then need to try to intersperse those players which are now essentially divided by position.
Brian Pederson (Jul 18 14:58:49 2023 ): Drag and drop would be nice especially for roster order. What I do for draft orders is copy the list from the page where you add players into notepad, then reorder the players in there while working off my spreadsheets to figure out who/order. Once I'm finished I just copy that back in replacing the original, hit submit, then a second time to bypass the order page and complete orders. I also keep my orders for each round in a text file which is a copy of that list.
Joe P M (Jul 19 03:31:51 2023 ): 100% for Drag and Drop Would be a great help and so much quicker

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