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DEL Time: 06:33
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Rebound tracking
3 rebound categories instead of 1 (or 2, if it's easier), but a way to split out offensive rebounds from defensive rebounds, whether it's Off/Def/Total, Off/Total, Def/Total, or Off/Def (as long as you have 2 you can derive the third pretty easily).

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Nov 25 08:04:34 2022 )
Priority: Low Priority

Admin Notes
Certainly possible but would be a major effort to implement.

Submitted Dec 7 11:45:03 2020 by Don Keefe
Coaches In Favor of Change: Don Keefe, Stephen Thompson, Michael Thayer
Coaches Opposed to Change: Bill Edwards, David Smith

Bill Edwards (Dec 17 23:00:35 2020 ): too much work
Don Keefe (Dec 21 09:40:06 2020 ): I'll take your word for it that it'd require a lot of work - I have no idea on that. I was just thinking about some of the more advanced stats that exist in basketball these days, such as PER since they require separation of OREB/DREB to be calculated.
Stephen Thompson (Dec 28 13:57:47 2020 ): I would be ok with tracking offensive rebounds, I suppose. I would rather not see two columns added.

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