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DEL Time: 06:57
Request For: College Basketball
Request Title: Move CUSA to Tier 2
In the spirit of realism, Conference USA should no longer be designated as a Tier 1 (major) conference in CBEL. In real-life, CUSA has not managed to gain an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament since 2012! Since that time, Conference USA has been a single-bid (Tier 2) conference every year.
Since the only current human coach in CUSA is Luke McCann of North Texas, it would be relatively easy (at the end of Season 105) to either give Luke his choice of any other vacant Tier 1 program in a different conference, or else allow him to "transfer" his entire returning North Texas roster to another Tier 1 school (as was allowed when the original tier system was implemented).

Category: Other
Status: In Work (last updated May 29 14:09:45 2023 )
Priority: Short Term

Admin Notes
Have to agree with the comments. I'll work this when I get a chance to make updates between CBEL seasons. In addition to moving CUSA, here are other potential conference tier changes based on recent seasons:
West Coast up to Tier I
Ivy League and Southern up to Tier II
Horizon League and Ohio Valley down to Tier III
For now, the only move will be CUSA to Tier 2. I will try to make the change during the next CBEL offseason, 7/24 - 7/28.

Submitted Jan 31 16:27:03 2021 by Dagger Dave DD
Coaches In Favor of Change: Dagger Dave DD, Stephen Thompson, Ron BK, Dave Ayres, Loren Smith, Luke McCann, Daniel Hilsgen, Patrick Creaven
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Stephen Thompson (Feb 4 11:14:39 2021 ): I agree - this is actually a great point. In terms of overall bids historically, it sits well behind every other "power conference", nestled securely between the West Coast Conference and the Ivy League, which are tier 2 and tier 3 in dolphinsim, respectively. Back when C-USA was founded and it had Louisville, Memphis, Cincinnati and Marquette, it really was a tier 1 conference. But all of those schools left back in 2005 and the conference is really a mid-major at best now.
Luke McCann (Aug 9 22:13:10 2021 ): I am fine with it. One foot out the door at North Texas anyway lol
Daniel Hilsgen (Jun 5 13:24:38 2022 ): I think doing this change makes a bunch of sense.
Ron BK (Feb 4 06:02:33 2023 ): Did you make this happen ??? Andy
Dave Ayres (Oct 23 12:25:57 2023 ): The conclusion of the current Season 106 would be the perfect time to make this change and demote Conference USA to Tier 2. Just ONE CUSA member (Old Dominion) made the Dolphin Dance, and just one human coach (Luke McCann, whose team did NOT make the tourney) resides in the entire conference. It should be relatively easy to transfer Luke to a decent program in another Tier 1 league. The change would also give coaches wishing to "double dip" a lot of extra alternative schools from which to select a team. Request update: it's obviously difficult for Andy to implement the proposed CBEL realignment, especially with teams changing conferences so quickly in real life. But how about the promised demotion of Conference USA to Tier 2 prior to the official initialization of Season 116? This should be a relatively easy fix, since there are currently no human coaches in CUSA. CUSA has been a one-bid conference for the real-life NCAA tournament since 2012. A relatively seamless demotion could be accomplished by dropping the prestige of all current CUSA teams by TWO. This would decrease Western Kentucky from an 18 prestige to a 16 prestige (top level for a Tier 2 program), with the other CUSA schools reduced accordingly. All CUSA non-recruited walk-ons would immediately be Tier 2 (max C/B rating). Current CUSA roster members would remain on their respective teams, except any players demanding scholarships would be allowed to enter the transfer portal. The demotion of CUSA would also result in fewer (or no) at large-bids for that conference in the Dolphin Dance, allowing additional Tier 1 human coaches to crash the tournament.

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