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DEL Time: 05:44
Request For: College Basketball
Request Title: Name, Image and Likeness (NIL)
The NIL era is here.
Name, Image and Likeness Era.
Players can now make money off of the above.
I know this is all very new to real life, so how to implement it into the game will be even more difficult until we see how it changes the college basketball landscape.
The top players seem to have the ability to earn massive amounts of money. (Millions). For example, SEC football starting QB. ACC/Big Ten star basketball players, ect ect.
It seems so far, the stars at bigger schools will get bigger/more deals which makes sense as they are typically the better players coming out of high school and have bigger social media following. The bigger a school fan base, the more followers you get, the more opportunities you have to earn
Just thinking off the top of my head, could we add something to recruiting where it isn't illegal, no penalty system. (Personally, I think the days of NCAA penalties are over in regards to recruiting)
We could base the amount of NIL money available to each school based off prestige and tier.
Here is just a rough example
Tier 1 Base: $30,000 per year
Prestige Bonus Money: $1,000 per prestige
So for example, a Tier 1, 20 Prestige would have $50,000 in NIL to spend. That would be the max
Tier 2 Base: $15,000
Prestige Bonus Money: $1,000 per prestige
So for example, a tier 2, 11 prestige would have $26,000 in NIL to spend.
Tier 3: $5,000
Prestige Bonus Money: $1,000 per prestige
Same examples as above.
All players would want and be influenced by NIL, but other influences that are in place such as recruiting points, scholarships, playing time, ect. would still carry weight as well.
The NIL money would replenish each year based on the state of your program.
You can't save up the NIL money, use it or lose it.
You can't offer NIL money unless a scholarship is extended.
You would have a budget to offer players each year, but it would not be like a cap where you have to keep current roster players happy. Whatever you offer them when they pick your school is what they would receive annually for the entire year.
No matter how many players are on NIL, the next year NIL budget for your school is only based on Tier and prestige.
You could only spend your budget of NIL money in one class. So for example, if you had $30,000 and you had 4 scholarships, you could offer $7,500 per player. Or you could more to the best recruits and lesser amounts for lesser recruits.
The NIL money offer would be during the recruiting period after players have been invited.
The stronger programs would have the edge, but it could shake up some recruiting outcomes. For example, Tier 2 offers big money to a top recruit while bigger schools offer smaller amount due to prestige...thinking they didn't need to offer as much.
We really don't know how NIL will change real life recruiting. It will probably help college basketball retain the star talent out of high school for a year, rather than the G-League taking those players.
I have not followed it much yet, I have heard of players getting endorsements with local businesses, restaurants, but the money hasn't been huge from what I have saw. Sometimes it is simply free food for a year, or gets being able to offer a basketball camp.
Tired of rambling, just wanted to kick off the ball on thoughts on how to implement this new part of college basketball recruiting because it is here now.

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Nov 26 11:52:05 2022 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
There are already recruiting biases in favor of high tier, high prestige programs. Is there a way we can make recruiting look more like the new reality, such as renaming "recruiting points"?

Submitted Aug 9 22:47:01 2021 by Luke McCann
Coaches In Favor of Change: Luke McCann
Coaches Opposed to Change: Eric O, Daniel Hilsgen, Stephen Thompson

Luke McCann (Aug 10 20:58:12 2021 ): I agree, schools aren't directly paying the players. But college stars are about to start earning six/seven figures in college. That is the new rules. The new reality. The ability to earn money is going to strong effect each players decision. How can we bring this sim to reflect the new reality of college basketball? That is why I am bring it up.
Eric O (Mar 20 12:10:06 2022 ): I think this is already captured in prestige
Daniel Hilsgen (Jun 5 12:20:24 2022 ): I also feel this all is already rolled into prestige.
Stephen Thompson (Dec 2 14:30:05 2022 ): I think the fundamental problem in your equation here is that the money will never work out the way you're suggesting. I don't think you'll ever have a time when a mid-major like, say, James Madison would have a big pile of money to offer a player that an ACC or SEC team wouldn't be able to match. BEYOND THAT ... I haven't heard of schools offering differing amounts of NIL money to players. Players seem to be getting money mostly by private contract, and you're much more likely to get a contract being a player with a name brand school. THE MORE LIKELY way to model this in the game would be to make prestige more important in the recruiting calculation.

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