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DEL Time: 04:32
Request For: Pro Baseball
Request Title: Roster Limits
In MLB, the current roster limit is set at 26 players. Take the current limit of 25 and up it by one player to 26.
Gives those fringe players extra motivation.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Nov 26 12:28:51 2022 )
Priority: Low Priority

Admin Notes
A fair amount of work, so I'll put it on the back burner until I have a more pressing need to do invasive surgery in the baseball sim.

Submitted Mar 9 16:31:40 2022 by Christopher Hero
Coaches In Favor of Change: Christopher Hero, Coach Kahn, Richard Robillard, Pythagoras A, Seb Kenyon, M McCusker, John Henry, Joe P M, Tim Howe, D Wayne Satch, Dave Jenson
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Joe P M (Jul 15 09:17:41 2023 ): Let us KEEP UP with MLB
D Wayne Satch (Aug 17 14:58:23 2023 ): Absolutely. I vote yes.

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