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DEL Time: 06:03
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Assists for non-point guards
The basketball sim should make it possible to have a distributor on the court at positions other than PG. I know we have the ability to designate handlers, but even if you have a player who looks just like a point guard playing at SF, he will never accrue a substantial number of assists.
I'm thinking about a player like Draymond Green. He's a PF, but he is #2 on the Warriors in assists. PG Seth Curry had 400 assists this season, but Green had 320 ...2nd on the team ... without playing a minute of point guard. I've tried many times to get this kind of performance out of another position - especially SF - and I just don't think the game will permit it at present.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated May 29 12:46:09 2022 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
I'm not sure it isn't possible. I made a change some time ago to base inbounding on handlers rather than defaulting to the PG. I will need to check.

Submitted May 20 06:12:31 2022 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, Daniel Hilsgen, Eric O, Loren Smith, Coach Kahn
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Eric O (Jun 5 12:46:09 2022 ): I would also add that in the real world, rebounds are spread out way more than they are in DEL basketball. I've had times where I can get a player to outrebound an entire opposing team. IRL hardly anybody gets more than maybe 20-25% of rebounds while they're in the game.
Loren Smith (Jun 18 12:10:09 2022 ): My current settings have both my starting PG and staring SF as handlers. I have noticed when the starting PG is not on the floor and the SF is on the floor, the backup PG will inbound to the SF and the SF starts the offense. I'll pay more attention to the assist numbers as your intention is why I set my players both as handlers.
Stephen Thompson (Jul 5 18:45:09 2022 ): Andy - the numbers just don't bear out that the sim supports this right now. For example, BEL has played about 60 games so far. Sorting by assists, the first non-PG is Utah's Sims at #36. He's behind three backup PGs who average 17mpg or less. The first player who is not a guard to appear is Toronto's Howard, averaging about 2 apg. Do we have any evidence of players at non-PG positions who accumulate more than trivial assist totals?
Coach Kahn (Nov 11 10:36:21 2022 ): This is an excellent suggestion!

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