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DEL Time: 05:16
Request For: Pro Football
Request Title: Show player career stats on FA bid
Currently each block shows the player age and attributes and then has the data entry fields. This request is to put the player's year-by-year stats above the age & attributes. This will save a lot of time cross referencing this when you're deciding on what to offer

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated May 13 08:30:03 2023 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
This seems like it could make the data entry screen enormously long and unwieldy, especially for older players with >10 years history.

Submitted May 12 00:30:44 2023 by Derek Brown
Coaches In Favor of Change: Derek Brown
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Derek Brown (May 13 21:38:49 2023 ): Yeah, would make it more scrolling, but on the plus side you would save a lot of time not having to have another window open to find them on the players page and then click on their history. A compromise could be last 3 years, career totals, and then attributes.

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