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DEL Time: 04:51
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: Taking players with you when promoted
We see this in real life.
Deion Sanders took a number of players with him from Jackson State.
Rick Pitino took a couple players with him from Iona to St. John's.
This could inspire coaches to recruit hard going into a season when they know they are very likely going to be promoted.
So in CBEL you can take one player, in CMEL two players, and in CCEL three players. And, of course, if you want to take less than that it's cool.
Interested what others think.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Jun 1 23:07:53 2023 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes

Submitted Jun 1 11:46:15 2023 by Patrick Creaven
Coaches In Favor of Change: Patrick Creaven, Patrick Erickson, Sock Thompson, Bandy Faly, Pythagoras A, Nick Sisco, Myk Hawk, Douglas Jenson, Gregor Ellis
Coaches Opposed to Change: AJ Dickens, Red Burley Part Deux

Pythagoras A (Jun 30 12:37:43 2023 ): The corollary to this would be having the option to cut scholarship players. It may not happen often outside of transfers, but it does happen. It would be nice for all college coaches to maybe be able to cut 1 scholarship player per season (maybe have to designate them prior to season initialization, like designating a franchise player in the pros). Overall, I am probably more neutral than either for or against, but that is not a vote option, and you cannot comment without voting as far as I know. But, I would be in favor of being able to cut some of the dead weight once in a while, as some prospects just bomb out. Although, cutting a playing time promise player should still incur the penalty for not meeting the promise.
Patrick Creaven (Jul 8 03:25:12 2023 ): It's an interesting idea Pythagoras A, but it should probably be its own change request.
Myk Hawk (Jul 13 21:26:34 2023 ): makes sense in the transfer portal era
Douglas Jenson (Jul 15 20:43:38 2023 ): I would like to see this occur as it does happen in college sports in real life.
Red Burley Part Deux (Jan 3 16:26:09 2024 ): (I should check the changes section more often LOL) I'm a traditionalist, and I hate these kind of things happening IRL, just as I hate the constant transferring and the conference changes done purely for the sake of money. I WOULD suggest, if this takes effect, that the coach incurs some kind of prestige loss; coaches who do things like this IRL are scumbags and shouldnt be trusted.

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