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DEL Time: 04:54
Request For: College Baseball
Request Title: Invite Description is Incorrect
This may not be a critical error, but it's a significant error, and may be an issue with the CBEL and CCEL too.
When inviting players, the page ends with this description, "Select players whom you wish to invite for visits. All players except in-region cost one point to invite. It is easiest to recruit in-region players, moderate to recruit no-region players, and most difficult to recruit out-of-region players (players in other regions). You may recruit at most 50 players; you currently have xx recruiting points."
This is true for the first round of invites, but for the second and third round there is no cost for inviting out-of-region recruits. And I don't know if it continues to be moderately and most difficult in the other regions or not. I looked on the help pages and I couldn't find it there either. So letting coaches know that the rules change after the first round would obviously be beneficial.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Sep 29 22:55:46 2023 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes
This is not a critical error, but opening to discussion. I think the only change would be updating the "one point to invite" text to reference round one only. Seems like super low priority.

Submitted Sep 27 21:41:39 2023 by Patrick Creaven
Coaches In Favor of Change: Patrick Creaven
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Patrick Creaven (Oct 18 00:28:59 2023 ): Here's my suggested text. "There's three invitation rounds. You can invite up to 50 players per round. In round one, players in your region are free, while non-region and out-of-region players cost one point. It's easiest to recruit in-region players, moderate to recruit non-region, and most difficult to recruit out-of-region players. In the second and third round, the regions even out, there is no disadvantage in recruiting in other regions, and it's free to invite players from all regions. You currently have xx recruiting points." I'm not sure it's true that it continues to be more difficult to recruit non-region and out-of-region players after the first round or not. I'm guessing other new coaches are confused as well. For us, it is important, and making it more clear doesn't seem like that much work.

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