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DEL Time: 05:37
Request For: College Football
Request Title: Additional Play usage settings re backups
I suggest the following as a small enhancement that would improve the way the sim adjusts in-game when a pass, option or blitz is created based on attributes of a specific player but that player gets injured or is out for a rest as IRL a substitute QB or TE changes the play calling. I expect that the primary value would be for offensive plays, mostly options, RB passes, and TE passes.
Add 1-3 additional play usage settings were added similar to p11-p18 in the PKG command, and a new set of 3-4 play usage flags in DPKG that function more like the PKG p11-p18 flags (0= never, 1 = half as much, 2 = normal).
The simple approach would be to just add a single flag for each type of play that defines how often to use the play if backups are in.
To be more in keeping with the level of detail the sim now gives us in creating plays:
PKG flags p25, p26, and p27 could manage the up to 3 players involved in any play with p25 managing the lowest numbered position and p27 the highest. eg - for a typical Option p25 would control the TB, p26 the FB, and p27 the QB.
DPKG flags would do the same for blitzers and DL in coverage.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Nov 1 22:09:30 2023 )
Priority: Under Discussion

Admin Notes

Submitted Nov 1 21:42:28 2023 by Gregor Ellis
Coaches In Favor of Change: Gregor Ellis
Coaches Opposed to Change: Loren Smith

Loren Smith (Nov 8 10:23:02 2023 ): Any thoughts on whether there needs to be a defensive option added to counter this change? Would a coach want to adjust their defensive approach when backups are on the field in place of an injured starter? (Note: The comment process requires a vote, so I have it in as 'against' at the moment only so I could ask my questions.)
Gregor Ellis (Nov 8 11:59:59 2023 ): Good question Loren - I hadn't thought about that. IRL the Def knows that the running QB or pass catching TE is not on the field and just adjusts based on that. I think that it would work for the Def to know if these settings were made at least to the point of knowing that the plays are less likely to be called. The proposal would still work I think if the Def knew exactly what the settings are as the point is to let the coach gameplan for unique skills and adjust if those skills are not on the field. The same comments apply for the DPKG flags but frankly they could be ignored in this request because they are not as important as the offensive flag(s). I can see that it might cause problems with the playcalling alteration logic and be more complicated than I originally imagined.

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