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DEL Time: 10:57
"Redshirting" means keeping an underclassman (freshman or sophomore) on the bench the entire season. At the end of the season, if he has not played, he will gain an extra year of eligibility and remain the same class. In essence, a player who redshirts as a freshman will play from age 19-22 instead of from 18-21. Preseason games (football only) do not count against a redshirt year, nor do scrimmages.

Although any underclassmen who does not play will get redshirt status, it is highly recommended that you mark redshirts in your coaching orders so that they do not accidentally play in a regular-season or postseason game and therefore become ineligible for gaining the extra year.

Some players will demand playing time because they feel that they are better than the current starter. Other players may have been promised playing time during recruiting. The game may allow you to redshirt them, but they will transfer at the end of the season.

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