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DEL Time: 09:52
Walk-ons are players that come before recruiting. Each team has a pool of walk-ons created for it - 10 players in basketball, 23 in baseball and hockey, and 40 in football. If you are short at any positions, you will always get those positions filled first, so that you will have a legal roster. After any holes have been filled, your roster will be filled with the best remaining walk-ons from the pool.

The maximum skill level of walk-ons is limited by your tier. A tier I team will occasionally land an A-rated walk-on, but if so the player's grade is only marginally above the A/B borderline. Tier II teams may land some B-rated walk-ons, while Tier III teams should land only C-rated walk-ons and lower. Walk-ons primarily serve to give you backup players and fill positions that you don't have enough players in. In order to have the best chance of getting good walk-ons, you will want to have a legal roster before walk-ons are added.

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