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DEL Time: 09:31
Next to each team on your "coach center" screen (where you go after logging in), there will be a "control team" button. Press this to make any actions involving your team: setting coaching orders, sending draft orders, etc.

Pressing this button takes you to a screen with many available options. These will change throughout the season, as not all options are used at all times. (For example, pro teams wouldn't be drafting during the season.) All of the control screens have instructions at the bottom of the page, and are self-explanatory. When changing a part of your team's orders, the "return to ... control" at the bottom of the screen will erase everything you have done and return you to the team control screen.

Note: Aside from scrimmages and non-conference games, if you do not get a "Command Submitted" screen, any changes you made were not saved!

It is also possible to control your teams by e-mailing specially formatted messages to del@dolphinsim.com. Some coaches find this easier for the more complex actions, such as draft or free agent bidding orders. Most new coaches find the web controls described above simpler.

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