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Your league home page is the primary place to find information about the teams, league standings, and schedule for your league. This help page gives an overview of what is to be found where on this page.

Navigation Bar

When viewing a league's home page, most of the league information can be found from the additional options at the top of the navigation bar. The list of options is similar between different sports, although there are some necessary differences between pro and college home pages. Clicking on one of these options brings up the main page for that option, and often adds related options to the navigation bar. For example, clicking on "games" will show the league's latest scores and add navigation bar options to view the play-by-play calls and next game lines. The complete list of links accessible from the navigation bar is as follows.

  • Home: displays latest league news
  • Teams: displays list of team rosters; links to owner/coack list, training squads (pro football/basketball), user-maintained league pages (some leagues), and available teams
  • Season: displays league standings; links to playoff races (pro, not soccer), team rankings, playoff/tournament brackets, team stats, individual leaders, and minor league standings and stats (pro baseball, hockey, and soccer).
  • Games: displays scores with links to box scores; links to play-by-play, used plays (football), and team analyses; also includes a play-by-play link to allow you to go straight to the play-by-play list
  • Waiver Wire (pro): displays waiver wire
  • Free Agents (pro): displays free agent list; link to transactions
  • Draft (pro, not soccer): displays draft list; link to future owned draft picks
  • Recruiting (college): displays recruiting list; link to transactions
  • Schedule: displays upcoming schedule; links to season schedule and requested non-conference games (college)
  • College League (pro baseball, basketball, football): displays individual leaders; links to top players, computer polls, standings, rosters, and team stats
  • Archive: displays past champions, links to stats database (baseball), past final stats, colleges of pro players (all but hockey and soccer), all-stars, gold gloves (pro baseball), team and player awards, and game, season, and career records
  • News: the daily news from the league, written at 6pm

Page Bottom

Below the news article on the league home page is a list of links of general interest for the league. These are also shown on the other primary pages. This list includes the commissioner's name and e-mail address, the e-mail command reader, and links to help pages. Some commissioners maintain off-site pages for their leagues as well; if your league has such a site it is also listed in this part of the page.

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