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Some owners either by choice or necessity will wish to have another person help with running the team. The other person, the "assistant", has full powers over the team, although the two can and should make an agreement as to who will do what. Typically, an assistant is brought on to do some combination of the following three jobs. These job descriptions are for guidelines only; any owner/assistant pair may divide the jobs for running as they please.

Head Coach
A head coach is the responsible for sending in coaching templates and scrimmages. He is probably also the one with the final say on position changes. This is an easy arrangement to operate, as one person gets the players and the other manages the lineups. It is also nice for inexperienced assistants, as a mistake in one game can generally be easily remedied for the next game.

A general manager is essentially responsible for all duties of roster management, namely cuts, drafting, free agent signings, and trades. The GM is busiest during the team's offseason, although trade negotiations and free agent signings can continue during the season. As with a head coach, this is an easy arrangement to operate, although an inexperienced GM is more likely to make a costly mistake than is an inexperienced coach.

An assistant will serve more as a second mind for running the team, and will be in communication with the owner as to strategies, draft lists, potential trades, and so on. An assistant may also fill in when the owner is out of town or otherwise unable to run his team.

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